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Romania TV Directory

Red = Video Player, Past Shows, Video Archive, News Cast or Full Episodes


1 Music Channel --- Watch Live --- Program, Show Info, Video Archive, Music Channel, Contests, Games and More

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a1 TV --- Watch Live --- Local News, Events, Program, Show Info, Entertainment, Video Archive, Past Show Archive, Culture and More

Acasa TV --- Web TV --- Watch OnSite --- Entertainment, Show Info, Film, Video Archive, Clips, Programm, Chat and More

AKTA --- TV, Phone and Internet Provider

Alpha TV --- Watch Live --- Local News, Events, Sports, Weather, Video Archive and More

Alfa Omega TV --- English Christian Channels --- IPTV --- Watch Online Channels, Program, Show Info, Full Movies, Youth TV and More

Animal Planet --- UK --- Watch Online Videos, TV Schedule, Latests Videos and More

Animax TV --- Watch OnSite --- Program, TV Guide, Show Info, Full Episodes, Video Archive, Animax Show Archive, Forum and More

Antena 1 --- Watch Live --- Sports News, Local News, WebCast, Program, Show Info, Culture, Video Archive, Weather, Events and More

Antena 2 --- Watch Live --- Entertainment, Program, Show Info, Past Show Archive, Series, TV Guide, Promos, Video Archive and More

Antena 3 --- Live TV --- Watch OnSite --- Local News, World Events, Talk Shows, Past Show Archive, Culture, Program, Show Info, News Video Archive and More

Antena 3 --- Sport --- Sports News, World Sports Events, Stats, Game Info, Video Archive and More

Axa TV Transilvania --- Live Streaming --- Watch Online Videos, Programm, Food, Culture, Shows and More



AXN --- Watch OnSite --- TV Guide, Video Archive, Entertainment, Blog, Programm, Show Info, Film and More

B1 TV --- Watch OnSite News Cast, Local Events, Video Archive, Programm, Film, Show Info and More

Bloomberg TV --- Watch OnSite --- World News Reports, Program, World Events, Radio, Show Info, Past Show Archive, News Video Archive and More

Boom Extrasatelit --- TV Channel Provider --- Special Offers, Boom Channels, Subscriptions and More

Boomerang TV --- UK Kids Channel --- Program, Show Info, TV Guide, Online Videos, Games, Whats On, Win and More

Canal Teleshop --- Shopping Channel --- Program, Health, Product Info and More

Cartoon Network --- Hungary --- Show Info, Program, Games, Win, Video Archive and More

Cartoon Network TV --- English --- Watch OnSite --- Program, Video Archive, Past Show Archive, Games, Chek It Out and More

Cinemax --- Movie Info, Video Archive, Film, Program and More

CNN International --- CNN Live Stream, World News, CNN Videos, Europe News, Sports News, Entertainment, CNN Mobile, CNN Business News and More

Cosmos TV --- Online Music Channel, Online Stream, Music, Latest News and More


Credo TV --- Church Channel --- Watch Live Shows --- Past Shows, Program, Show Info and More

CTV --- Canada --- Canadian & World News, Canadian & Europe Sports News, Entertainment, Canadian & World Events, Video Archive, Past Shows, Weather and More

Digi TV --- TV Channel Provider, Subscribe, TV Channels, Info and More


Discovery Channel --- UK --- Watch OnSite --- Show Info, Clips, TV Guide, Video Archive, Past Show Archive, Program and More

Duna TV --- Hungary --- Local News, Events, Video Archive, Sport, Culture, Food and More

E TV --- Erdely TV --- Transylvanian Hungarain TV --- Watch OnSite, Local News, Events, Shows, Videos, Sport, Culture and More


Etno TV --- Watch OnSite --- Program, Show Info, Food Channel, Culture and More


Euforia TV --- Lifestyle TV --- Watch Online Videos, Entertainment, Clips, Shows, Programm and More

EuroNews --- France --- Live News Cast --- World News, Europe News, Program, Show Info, Video Archive, Weather, Sports, Business and More

Eurosport --- UK --- Online Sports Video News, Scores, Events, Videos, EuroSport Player and More Online Sports News

GSP TV --- Online Sports Video News, Sports Videos, Channels, Programm, Video Upload and More

Hope Channel --- German --- Live TV, Live Radio, Program, Show Info, TV Guide, Events, Hope TV EU and More

Jetix --- Kids Channel --- Watch OnSite --- Program, Show Info, TV Guide, Clips, Games and More

Kanal D --- Entertainment, Video Clips, Shows, Film, Videos, Programm and More

Kanal Ukraina --- Entertainment, Sports, Series, Program, Past Show Archive, News, Culture and More

Kidsco TV --- Games, Downloads, Program, TV Guide, Show Info, Magazin and More

Light Channel --- English --- Watch Live --- Program, Show Info, Resources, Past Show Archive, Programm and More

Minimax TV --- Kids TV Channel --- Program, Show Info, Photos and More

Moldova 1 --- IPTV-Radio --- Watch OnSite --- Local News, Sports, Past Shows, Radio, Culture, Events, Video Archive and More

MTV --- Watch Online Videos, Shows, News, Competitions, Music, Program, TV Guide, Show Info, Channels, Games, DownLoads and More

National Geographic Channel --- Program, TV Guide, Clips, Webisod, Show Info, Full Episodes, Video Archive and More

NTV --- Neptun Television --- Watch Live --- Local News, Events, Program, Show Archive, DownLoad and More

O TV --- Oglinda Television --- Watch Live --- Programm, Archive, DownLoad and More

Prima TV --- Watch OnSite --- News, Local News, Entertainment, Sports, World News, Events, Weather, Programm, Film, Shows, Forum and More

Pro Cinema --- Show Info, Documentares, Film, Clips, Program, Series and More

Pro TV --- Program, Show Info, Best Of Pro TV, Pro Channels, Video Archive, Clips, Past Show Archive, Program, TV Guide, Film and More

Pro TV International --- Local News, Events, Entertainment, Radio, Sports, Videos, Film, Cinema, News, Weather and More

Pro TV Stirile --- Online Video News, Culture, Video Archive, Sports, Local Events, Past Show Archive, Culture and More

RDI TV --- Radio Canada --- French Canadian News & Entertainment Providers --- Local Canadian News, Entertainment, World Events, Sports, Video Archive, News Reports and More

Realitatea TV --- Live TV, Live Radio, Live Local News, Sports, Multimedia, World News, Economie, Weather, Culture and More


RTL Klub --- Hungary --- Entertainment, Video Archive, Show Info, Program, Culture and More

RTS --- Radioteleviziunea Severin --- Radio, TV, Video Clips, Forum, Shows and More

Senso TV --- Health Channel --- Watch OnSite --- Health News, Health Videos, Lifestyle, Urban Arts, Culture, Video Archives, Health and More

Speranta TV --- Speranta TV Direct --- Watch Speranta TV Online, Shows, RVS Direct, Programm Video Archive, Hope Channel EU and More

Sport Klub TV --- Watch OnSite --- Program, Show Info, Stats, Sports News, Video Archive and More

Sport Romania --- Sports Video News, Program, Stats, Live Scores, Video Archive, Sports Show Archive, Sports Info and More

SportVox --- Realitatea --- Sports News, Program, Show Info, Stats, Sports Video Archive, Shows and More

TMC TV --- The Money Channel --- Local News, Video Archive, Program, Past Show Archive, Live Stream, Finance and More

Trace TV --- France --- Watch Online Videos, TV, Radio, News, Entertainment, Mobile, MP3, Magazine and More

Travel Channel --- UK --- Travel Videos, Features, Competition, Show Info, Programmes and More

TRM TV --- IPTV-Radio --- Watch Online ---, Local News, Culture, Program, Show Info, Sport, Radio and More

TV 5 Monde --- France --- Web TV, Online News, World News, Weather, World Cultures, Videos, Blog, Sports and More

TV Polonia --- TVP --- TV Programm, Show Info, Local Events, Culture, Past Show Archive, Video Archive, News and More

TVR --- Cluj --- Local Video News, Events, Sports, Video Archive, Program, Show Info and More

TVR --- Craiova --- Local News, Events, Culture, Program, Show Info, Sports and More

TVR --- iasi --- Local Events, News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Past Show Archive and More

TVR --- Televiziunea Romana --- Journal --- Watch OnSite Shows, Program, Show Info, Video Archive, Past Show Archive and More

TVR --- Timisoara --- Local News, Events, Show Info, Program, Culture, Sports, Channels and More

TVR 1 --- Televiziunea Romana --- Entertainment, Shows, Clips, Program, Show Info, Culture, TV Guide and More

TVR 2 --- Televiziunea Romana --- Watch Live WebCast, Local News, Sports, Entertainment, Videos, Weather, Archive, Culture, Live Sports and More

TVRi --- Televiziunea Romana International --- Live WebCast, Videos, Entertainment and More

TVRM --- Watch Online Shows --- Video News, Sports, Weather, Local News, Programm, Videos, Shows and More

TVT 89 --- Watch OnSite --- Local News, World Events, Video News, Shows, Programm, Video Archive, Past Show Archive and More

U TV --- UTV Live, Entertainment, Music, Video Archive, Shows, News, Programm and More

Universal Channel --- Poland --- Show Info, Entertainment, Film, Program, TV Guide and More

UPC --- TV, Internet and Phone Provider

VH1 --- UK --- Watch Online Videos, Shows, News, Music, Mobile, Competitions, DownLoads and More

ViaSat --- Viasat Explorer, TV 1000, Viasat History, Online Videos, Programm and More

VP TV --- Valtea Prahovei TV --- Watch Live, Local News, Sports, World Events, TV Guide, Culture, Online Videos, Program, Show Info and More



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